2017 CRO Refresher Training Available Now!

May 2017

Open Doors Organization provides a quick and convenient way to provide staff with CRO Refresher Training online through its new Open Doors Academy at www.odoacademy.org

Annual refresher training is required under 14 CFR 49 Part 382.143 for all employees performing the CRO function.

This course provides important updates and current information on accessibility and customer service and is a must for all Complaint Resolution Officials.

The 2017 refresher includes:

  • Government Updates
  • Top Complaints & Part 382 Review
  • Airline & CRO Responsibilities
  • Update on Travellers with Nut Allergies
  • Resources
  • Assessment

    This year’s guest speaker is Ray Prentice, Director of Customer Advocacy and Accessible Services at Alaska Airlines.  Eric and Ray will discuss what makes Alaska Airline's one of the industry leaders in Customer Service and Accessibility.

    Duration 60 minutes

    Price $69USD

    Register here or for more information visit our website www.odoacademy.org or contact enrolments@odoacademy.org