Transporting Passengers with Disabilities


1 hour

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Open Doors Organization is delighted to announce the release of the Transporting Passengers with Disabilities training course for taxicab, limousine and shared ride van drivers.

(Motorcoach drivers should refer to courses under the Motorcoach category)

This online course will provide drivers with critical training that will assist them to provide transportation services to customers with disabilities.

The course will provide drivers with knowledge that will allow them to feel confident to provide services to customers with disabilities and ensure a high level of service for customers.


This course will provide participants with guidance on:

  • Using appropriate language when dealing with customers with disabilities
  • Understanding some of the myths and misconceptions of people with disabilities
  • Using valuable tools and common courtesies when assisting customers with disabilities
  • The major disability types and how to assist customers with these types of disabilities
  • Guiding techniques for assisting people with vision loss
  • Common courtesies for working with service animals
  • Safe lifting and handling techniques related to customer transfers, lifts and ties downs of assistive devices


This course is organized into the following sections:

  1. Defining Disability
  2. Appropriate Language
  3. Myths and Misconceptions
  4. Understanding Customers with Disabilities
  5. Guiding Techniques
  6. Safe Lifting and Manual Handling Techniques

Candidates must successfully complete the integrated online assessment to receive a Certificate of Completion.